Digital marketing has drastically reduced mass marketing costs since the last decade and a half. Especially email marketing is all about targeting a large number of people without having to put in a lot of effort.

Exponents of traditional marketing strategies might dismiss this way as ‘ineffective’, but they know no better than any layman outside the digital marketing sphere.

Bulk e-mail marketing in India, can be a very good idea to reach out to the 9 to 5 working crowd that hardly has got any time to take a look at physical banners.

  • Cost Effective : E-mail marketing campaigns do not cost much beyond the email software that we use. It is one of the most cheapest and effective forms of mass marketing.
  •  It Is Targeted : Targeting a specific niche of clients is perhaps the biggest and most obvious benefit of mass e-mail marketing. You get to reach directly to your client without having to shell a lot of cash for it.
  •  Improves Brand Awareness : Lets say, even if a client does not pay proper heed to your marketing e-mail, but you can be rest assured that the brand name will be etched in his mind.
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We do understand if some folks question this kind of marketing strategy when it many might consider it as a mere ‘nuisance’.

Learning our lessons from the most common mistakes done by other e-mail marketers, we ensure that we do not send all our bulk e-mails all at once.

In addition to that, we also ensure that all our target e-mails are likely to be in that given geographical area where you want to market your business.