B2C Ecommerce (Business to Consumer) Online Ecommerce Store Platform

B2C Ecommerce solution provider takes your business to another level with personalization, automation capabilities and data segmentation.

In addition, the incredible range of services and customizations lowers the cost enormously.

GETMEONLINE’s incredible B2C ecommerce solution ensures state-of-the –art buying experience that maximizes conversion and revenue.

B2C cloud is always working to integrate the latest trends and automatically upgrades to deliver a steady stream

Moreover, with conversion being the primary goal, every step is carefully monitored to ensure happy shoppers and even happier sellers!

Seamless B2C Web Store Operations Structure

B2C Ecommerce Online software Platform: Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere Structure

B2C software platform makes it easier to manage orders from multiple ecommerce channels.

Firstly, our robust set of customization for each channel – Marketplaces, Web, Mobile, Call Center and Kiosks ensures seamless management.

Our integrated, all in one B2C platform makes it a tool of choice for online business ventures and fulfills one complete ecommerce experience.

Secondly, our seasoned insight into B2C buyer characteristics is a proven way to optimize the conversion rate.

Thirdly, increase the value of online transactions by rendering a fulfilling shopping experience anytime, anywhere.

After that, our real-time order processing and inventory tracking system will make your online web store management easier than ever before.

Intuitive Call Center Service for B2C Ecommerce Customers

Our swift, precise and prompt facilities coupled with unrivaled B2C customer service renders more power to your business with enhanced Omni-channel experience.

Moreover, the B2C call center service integrated with the business intelligence platform offered by GETMEONLINE tracks and manages inbound customer emails and phone calls.

Therefore, the highly optimized B2C platform delegates the customer requests to the respective service agents to render quick response.

Similarly, our intelligent solution understands each contact as an individual customer and executes highly personalized and compelling email response.

In other words, our seamlessly integrated B2C services revolutionize the user’s experience, reshaping their approach towards online electronic commerce.

B2C Ecommerce Customers Engagement

Firstly, boost customer engagement and enhance the impact of your brand with appealing personalization.

GETMEONLINE lets you achieve one-to-one customer communication with minimal effort.

Moreover, B2C social networks and engagement through social media on the internet strengthens the relationship and builds momentum.

Deliver Extraordinary B2C Ecommerce Customer Experiences

Our data-driven platform lets you personalize across every touch point on the website that ensures unparalleled web experience for B2C customers.

In other words, optimize customer engagement with smart, targeted marketing and superior service.

Similarly, smart customizations and flexible integration functionalities enable a single view of all customer interactions and transactions across all touch points.

Customized Ecommerce Product Promotions Structure

GETMEONLINE’s seasoned expertise and promotion management tools for ecommerce store optimizes every single aspect of your marketing efforts.

However, automate abandoned cart responses with an email or a coupon to keep your customers coming back for more and maximize profit.

Therefore, drive traffic and enhance customer value with promotional products, flexible coupons and promotion management tools.

Customer Segmentation for Ecommerce Portals

Determine and understand your customer through GETMEONLINE’s intuitive ecommerce software.

Moreover, gain unique insight into the best B2C customer segmentation strategy for ecommerce campaign optimization.

In addition, segment customers based on geography, order size, demographics for targeted campaigns.