Firstly, GETMEONLINE integrated e-commerce platform is robust enough to handle multiple warehouses

Secondly, sophisticated enough to handle complexities in the changing Indian e-commerce scene.

Thirdly, create a new warehouse by assigning the applicable countries and sales channels.


GETMEONLINE’s  advanced warehouse inventory tracking system lets you check your warehouse stocks in real-time and receives notification when a specific item’s stock level reaches below the safety stock level.

Track Warehouse Inventory

Strategize Stock Movements

GETMEONLINE’s innovative Stock Management System calculates the stocks received via purchase orders and maintains sufficient inventory levels with notifications in case of low stocks and backorders.

Above all, our system sets an alert if your inventory levels fall below the minimum safety stock value.

Optimize Warehouse Operations

Moreover, among its many features are mobile RF barcode scanning, stock planning, stock categorization, space management, and more.

Most importantly, it increases efficiency, improves operational excellence and lowers cost for warehouses of any size and complexity.

Demand-Based Inventory Replenishment

Similarly, our intelligent control over inventory replenishment will help you to fill anticipated orders, while keeping excess stock to a minimum.

Likewise, GETMEONLINE helps you to deliver the right products & quantity to the right place on the right day, meet service goals, and minimize costs.

Automate Stock Levels

GETMEONLINE’s automated stock adjustment system enables you to show up your entire stock quantity to each of the marketplaces and social channels.

Moreover, when an order is placed from a channel, the stock quantity will be automatically deducted from the other online sales channels.

Export & Import Warehouse Products

Moreover, with GETMEONLINE’s Export & Import feature, you can easily update & transform your warehouse products list.

Therefore, make bulk edits to your products in a jiffy by exporting the products list in a CSV file, making your changes in the CSV file, and importing it back into your store.

Stock In & Out Reports

Above all, knowing the right information at the right time empowers you to take crucial decisions for your business.

In addition, GETMEONLINE’s advanced stock reporting tool helps you to not only monitor and measure the warehouse stock level in real-time.

However, provides valuable suggestions based on your warehouse stock levels.

Suppliers Management

GETMEONLINE enables you to track new consignments, generate purchase orders, keep your suppliers in the loop with automated e-mails and add new suppliers,

Moreover, all with a few clicks! Analyze the data and draw up prompt supplier strategies such as preferential treatments to the largest supplier or withdrawal from buying stocks of a supplier with a high return record.

Manage Stocks from Suppliers

Therefore, on receipt of new items through the purchase order, assign products partially or fully to one or more warehouses.

Likewise, a stock receipt can contain multiple SKUs, for example have a “quarantine” or “returns” receipt and move stock in and out as you need.