Transport Management System SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY in india

Transport Management System is a subset of the transportation and ERP.

The management of freights and weights along with optimized shipping is the key feature of TMS.

Ideal TMS software includes planning, decision making, transport execution, transport follow-up and tracking.

The TMS software has been developed by multiple nations keeping their convenience in mind.

The inbound and outbound transport service provider is selected at first and then the process is initiated further.

The bills of lading are generated for both domestic and international shipments.

The TMS software boosts the supply chain and must be developed by such a level of expertise and precision as serves the purpose.

The TMS system also should have the feature to track the service provider with lowest cost and the one that provides the safest loading and unloading facilities.

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Vendor Management

Manage multiple vendors and loaders from real time reporting and availability.

Account Management

Manage multi branch accounts from one dashboard of India’s Best selling Transport software

Master Management for transport software

  •  Manage Customers /vendor /Party
  •  vehicle (Truck) Management and Insurance Company Setup details
  •  Route and Zone Management
  •  Freight Rate Manage
  •  Driver Master
  •  Expense Master
  •  Fuel Management Master
  •  Manage Employee Contact Details

Transport Accout Management

  •  Generate Customer Invoice report
  •  Manage Expense and balance sheet
  •  Vendor Bill Collection
  •  Multi-Voucher – Expense/Payment/Receipt/Journal Voucher
  •  Day Book – Cash-In Hand, Inflow-Outflow
  •  Trial Balance Management

Vehicle Modules

  •  vehicle Details
  •  Maintaince Management
  •  Expense Management
  •  Insurance / Document alert
  •  Tax/EMI Expiry Alert

Transport Report

  •  Vehicle Report
  •  Transport Bilty Report
  •  Expnese Report
  •  vehicle trip Report
  •  Daily,Monthly Truckwise Trip Report
  •  Loading and unloading vehicle report
  •  Delivery Challan Report

Transport Bilty Management

  •  Generate transport Bilty
  •  Manage Bilty and billing details
  •  Loading and Unloading Chalan Details
  •  Manage Delivery and Outstaion Delivery Chalan
  •  Customizable billing system