Social Commerce Solutions: Effective Social Promotions

GETMEONLINE Social Commerce Promo feature helps you to take an integrated approach to improve your sales performance.

Firstly, our intelligent Social Media Engagement Solution includes adding social sharing options to the email template.

GETMEONLINE’s tailor-made Social Media Engagement Solution enables you to improve your brand value.

Moreover, site traffic and customer loyalty via ratings, reviews, and integration to the most popular social networks, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Improved Brand Value

Integrated Social Automation Tools

With using GETMEONLINE social automation tools, you can save time, expand a social campaign’s reach and track the activities of shoppers and visitors.

Similarly, our social automation tools include auto-update of Twitter feeds and Facebook posts, automatically scheduling and sending emails.

Unified Social Campaigns

GETMEONLINE social commerce suite helps you to promote quality focused social campaigns and observe the campaign’s impact on sales by tallying each quality measure and its quantitative result.

Further, using our social suite, you can post on your Facebook pages, upload videos on YouTube channels, put new pics to Instagram account and microblogging on Twitter.


Customer Buying Decisions

GETMEONLINE’s  Product Review & Rating system enables your customers to evaluate its pros & cons before deciding on a product.

Firstly, our sophisticated review & rating functionality lets your customers comment on, and discuss about your products.

Secondly, their communication can seriously affect online sales.

Peer Recommendations

Moreover, ‘Tell-A-Friend’ is a very important feature in your web-store, with which customers can send their friends an automatically created email containing a link to the recommended product.

However, The tell-a-friend functionality is based on classical word-of-mouth advertising and helps you to win new customers..

Stay Connected Everywhere

Further, we bring online customers offline by creating convenient ways to merge social media, online shopping, and social promotions.

Likewise, GETMEONLINE social commerce leverages mobile marketing alongside in-store displays to provide flash sale notifications or limited-time coupons.

Personalized Communication

Moreover, GETMEONLINE social commerce allows your customers to change the frequency at which they receive communications.

Therefore, shoppers can tell you their likes and dislikes so that you can tailor notifications to their preferences.