GETMEONLINE’s Product Information Management enables you to manage buyer-centric supply-chain related product data such as item dimensions and weights.

Our PIM solution provides a single-repository that can be made accessible across the enterprise to internal-external channel-partners, such as retail-distributors.

However, with our Product Information Management solution, most of your product content creation life cycle stages can be automated 

Therefore, GETMEONLINE streamlines the processes for creating, approving, publishing, and syndicating consumer-ready product content.

Reduce Time-To-Market for New Product Launches

Support Larger Product Catalogs

Likewise, you may have a large-number of SKUs that you’re selling-online and it can be increased by a factor.

Similarly, GETMEONLINE PIM provides a scalable solution that enables you to rapidly increase the SKUs & products by selling-online.

Ensure A Consistent Cross-Channel Customer Experience

Moreover, no matter which channel a product is being sold through, GETMEONLINE ensures that your customers receive a consistent-experience.

In addition, our bulk import feature enables you easy update of product information in bulk 

Therefore, your products always have the correct & most up-to-date information across online-retail-sites, print-catalogs, store-displays, kiosks, and mobile.

PIM Software: Multi-Channel Product Content

GETMEONLINE simplifies and streamlines processes associated with product content creation and updates.

However, it enables you to manage high volumes of product information and catalogs across numerous collaborative environments.

In addition, it supports product related workflow tasks and synchronization.

Product/Category Management

Therefore, GETMEONLINE enables you to syndicate your product catalogs from multiple suppliers.

Similarly, using our comprehensive product categorization, we assist product analysis, product discovery, product comparison and on-site search.

Effectively Managing Multiple Catalogs

GETMEONLINE ensures proper display of your products and it helps you to manage product information as a hierarchically structured catalog.

Likewise, catalog-versions can be managed, data can be categorized, products can be classified and categorizes, multiple-suppliers’-catalogs can be imported.

Product Content Consistency

GETMEONLINE efficiently manage extensive product descriptions, feature lists and user guides.

Firstly, our pre-integrated digital asset management enables effective management of video, images, zoom and rotate functionality.

Secondly, using our PIM solution, you can easily manage the user-generated content, customer reviews and product ratings.

High-Quality Product Content

GETMEONLINE provides you with the flexibility to adapt to changing business demands and evolving end user requirements.

Above all, cloud-based-SAAS-architecture can be easily adapted to address specific customer-requirements in order to improve the overall-shopping-experience.

Information-Rich Shopping Experience



Most importantly, you may use various touch points to interact with customers like web-store, call-centers, mobile-devices, point of sale-terminals.

Likewise, regardless of the medium, customers expect a seamless and information-rich shopping experience that is targeted to their individual needs.

Therefore, GETMEONLINE delivers a consistent shopping experience that is flexible enough to respond to changing customer needs and preferences.