What is a Patent Search?

A patent gives its owner the right to prevent others from making, using, importing or selling his/her invention without approval. Before such a right is granted, a rigorous check is done on whether the process or product is inventive; or novel hasn’t been anticipated in any published document; and industrially applicable (possesses utility). It involves a search of the intellectual property regulator of India’s database, to check whether there exists an object or invention that is the same as or similar to the applicant’s invention.

Provisional Patent

If there is a valuable invention, it is better to patent it as soon as possible and protect it from infringement. A patent is an ideal way to protect ideas. The provisional patent is an application that can be filed to maintain a patent-pending status. This status can only be sustained for 12 months.

In that time, one can seek out manufacturers, sell goods or products, and additionally get the necessary prototypes developed for further upcoming applications.

Since the actual patent has to be filed before the end of 12 months, it is treated as having been applied for on the date that the provisional patent was filed.

Moreover, if someone is trying a similar patent after your invention, you will still have patent protection. It is faster and more affordable and not as complicated to complete the application.

Permanent Patent

A patent is a right granted to an individual or enterprise by the government which excludes others from making, using, selling, or importing the patented product or process without prior approval.

Patent filing or patent registration is the first step an inventor takes to protect his/her invention from being misused. Patent filing in India is a fairly complicated ordeal, however, with the right legal guidance, it can be done easily.

Any business entity or an individual who believes in securing his patent, which is one of the intellectual properties, should get a legal consultation from expert patent practitioners. GETMEONLINE helps you with the simplest way to file a patent.