Online exam software is one of the best and powerful utility tool for any competitive exam preparation institute. Online assessment software is helpful for all type of competitive exams preparation.

It is designed for MCQ questions with media file support in questions and answers.

It is working with full test timing schedule and per question time schedule so helps students.

Attractive UI and designing of exam module help students to navigate and skip question they can also get list of answered and unanswered question in single view.

We also provide online portal for exam software where you can sell online test for students with subscription packages and payment gateway.

Online assessment tool is fully featured and advanced technology so there is no compromise with security.

It is fully secured with SSL certificate and keyboard restrictions also available. It can also get live photos of student or candidate from webcam.

Our recent version of exam software is compatible with android and IOS applications so students can also submit their test through mobile application.

It has no limitations of test so you can easily conducts numerous tests from this software.

It is very useful for practice of JEE exam, RRB Exam, IIT Exam, UPSC Exam, IBPS exam, SSC exam, UPSC exam and other competitive exams in India.

There is no worry about multiple branch operation you can operate multiple branch from same administrator. It is fully secure with 256 bit encryption SSL certificate and auto capturing live photo of students.

Compatible & Cost Effective

It is compatible with Windows, Android and IOS Applications. 100% cost effective for conduct unlimited users and exams

Student Management

Manage Students Database and check reports for all users with graphical content and charts

100% Secure & Reliable

It is completely secure and reliable platform with power cut, network failure or other crashes it auto save exam data

Question Bank

Enter Multiple Quetions and randomization for each question during exam auto negative marking facility

Admin Modules

  •  User management
  •  Institute Management
  •  Courses Management
  •  Subject Management
  •  Question Bank Management
  •  Exam Schedule Management
  •  Time Management / Exam Management
  •  Result Analysis with Graphical Charts
  •  Reports Analysis

User Management

  •  User Types (Student, Institute, Question Bank Manager)
  •  Create Users (Add, Edit, Update)
  •  Manage Institute Users
  •  Set User limits by Test / Course
  •  Reports of Users

Subject Management

  •  Manage Subjects
  •  Add Questions to Particular subject
  •  Set Marks for Questions

Question Bank Management

  •  Add Questions with Answers
  •  Assign Questions to Subject
  •  Assign Questions To courses
  •  Set Marks for Question
  •  Set Time For Question
  •  Add Image/Picture in Question or Answer
  •  Set Right Answer
  •  Add Multiple Data Entry users for Question Bank

 Exam Schedule Management

  •  Set Exam for Courses
  •  Set Exam For particular subject
  •  Set Exam Timing
  •  Set Negative Marking for particular exam
  •  Set Time duration for entire exam
  •  Set particular question time
  •  Assign exam to student
  •  Assign Exam to Student group

Result Analysis

  •  View all exam results
  •  Student wise exam reports
  •  Student Group / Class wise Exam Report
  •  Graphical charts of Exam

 Student / Candidate Panel Features

  •  View Profile
  •  View Assign Exams
  •  Record and results of Conducted Exam
  •  Exam Report with Correct Answers

 Online Exam Portal Development Features

  •  Online Exam Portal Designing
  •  Offer Multiple Courses
  •  User Purchase Test/Exam
  •  Online Payment for Subscription
  •  Full Course Subscription
  •  Practice Test Subscription

 Institute Management

  •  Create Institute
  •  Exam Management
  •  Courses Management
  •  Subject management
  •  User Creation
  •  Assessment Generate
  •  Assign Exams to Student Group