Get online cinema ticket booking software from GetMeOnline. It has all the features to manage and book cinema seats from website and mobile applications. This system allows users to book a seat in cinema with online payment gateway. Now it is necessary to provide digital facilities to users at their convenient.

Our software is built in online platform so you can connect your cinema with other platforms. It has so many features to book cinema ticket and manage promotional offers with flexible price. This movie booking system supports multiple devices so user can book ticket from Mobile, laptop, or tablets. We are Ahmedabad based software company and provide our services to worldwide clientele.

It has various features for online movie tickets management from admin dashboard. Admin can check daily box office collection and get userwise report for daily collection. Arrange seats and manage discount offers for attract more and more customers. Flexible price module helps to manage entire show pricing or seat wise promotional pricing.

There are so many advantages to use GetMeOnline online cinema ticket booking software. The main advantage is your audience can check seat availability and price at their convenient time and also get the details of current show, available seats, Total time of movie show and more.

This system built for manage multiple cinema from single dashboard if you have multi screen or multiplex then you can manage all show from anywhere. This system is fully secure with 3 tier security and SSL enable on server so data will be encrypt. This software also works for event booking, theater booking, Hall booking and other online ticket booking software.

Pricing Management

Manage price for every show wise, manage price by movie, manage week end price and festival prices

Box Office Management

Check current status of all box office bookings check daily collection of box office

Promotional offers Management

Generate promotional offer and track all bookings using discount codes and cashback offer coupons with booking

Sales Management

Get all sales report from dashboard of Admin panel daily, weekly or monthly report ledgers with export facility

Seat Management

  •  Manage seat arrangement
  •  Lock seat price min-max price range
  •  Allot seat numbers screen wise
  •  Active deactivate individual seats

Booking Management

  •  Manage current booking
  •  Manage advance bookings
  •  Check booking reports
  •  Check screen wise / show wise bookings
  •  Get movie advance booking reports
  •  Promotional codes and offer bookings

Promotional Offers Management

  •  Create promotional offers for Movie
  •  Manage promotional campaigns
  •  Report of total booking using promotion
  •  Coupon codes management for discount offers
  •  Flat discount / cash back offers

Movie Discount coupon codes management

  •  Generate Coupons code
  •  Generate festival coupons code
  •  Report of used codes
  •  Report of valid movies coupons
  •  Total booking using coupons
  •  Deactivate coupon codes

Sales Management

  •  Manage sales persons
  •  Check report of sales users
  •  Check daily, monthly report of sales

Analytics reports

  •  Total booking reports
  •  Movie wise total booking details
  •  Show wise total booking report
  •  Screen wise booking and cancellation report
  •  Promotional code and offer discount reports
  •  Box office collection report

Modules of Admin

  •  User Management
  •  Box Office Management
  •  Show Management
  •  Pricing Management
  •  Seat Management
  •  Booking Management
  •  Promotional Offer Management
  •  Movie Discount Coupon Code Management
  •  Sales Management
  •  Analytics reports of entire cinema

 User Management

  •  Manage Users (Create, edit Active/Deactivate)
  •  Registered users
  •  Sales users
  •  Box Office Users

 Box Office Management

  •  Create Box Office Users
  •  Report of all Box Office users
  •  Active/Deactivate box office

Show Management

  •  Create new movie show
  •  Set timings of movie show
  •  Set price and offer for show
  •  Advance booking offer for show
  •  Report of all advance booking show

 Pricing management

  •  Set price for movies
  •  Price for seats
  •  Set price for class
  •  Price for festivals
  •  Manage price for week ends
  •  Promotional offers price
  •  Offer coupons price

Front End Portal development for movie ticket

  •  Attractive website design
  •  Current movie shows list
  •  Check timings of movies
  •  Seat availability
  •  Create profile on portal
  •  Check past orders and bookings
  •  Make online payment through payment gateway
  •  Get instant ticket confirmation
  •  No need of print ticket
  •  Use digital Ticket SMS for booking
  •  Online Ticket cancellation