Why can you go for OLA Clone?

Nothing is impossible in today’s modern world and this also applies to the taxi booking process. Yes. People nowadays find it easier to book their rides from the comfort of their homes with the help of ideal online taxi booking platforms.

Therefore, the growth of online taxi industry is at a steady pace. By seeing this successful face of the online taxi industry, many entrepreneurs show an immense interest in plunging into the online taxi business.

So, only by building a feature-rich online taxi booking platform that fulfills the taxi booking needs of people, proprietors can reach their entrepreneurial goals in their online taxi business venture.

Surprising features of our OLA Clone

Some mind-blowing features of our OLA Clone solution that can kindle interest among the users to make use of the platform frequently are as follows

Quick ride bookings

With this feature of our ola clone, users on the online taxi booking platform can book their rides conveniently. All nearby drivers will be notified immediately once the booking is confirmed and so this will pave the way for a hassle-free ride experience for the users.

Ola clone  Book taxis instantly

Ola clone  Schedule your rides

Ola clone  Know ride bookings made so far on the platform

SOS alert option

This beneficial feature of our ola clone solution allows the users to have a safe ride experience. So, this option will greatly boost user confidence for using the online taxi booking platform to have safe rides.

Ola clone  Provide an emergency contact number

Ola clone  Use SOS alert to inform the emergency contact or to call the police

Ola clone  Location details will be shared with emergency contact or helpline

Dashboard and management options for Admin

With an all-inclusive dashboard feature, Admin can monitor and manage the entire operations effectively on the taxi booking platform. So, Admin will not miss out on any activity occurring on the platform.

Ola clone  Manages every facet of the taxi booking process

Ola clone  Sets flexible commission percentage for rides

Ola clone  Payment history for drivers

Social media login

With this feature of our ola clone solution, users on the taxi booking platform can easily log into the site by using their social media accounts like Google+. Facebook, and so on. This feature will impress many users on the platform.

Ola clone  Simplifies the registration process of users

Ola clone  Eases the login process of the users

Ola clone  Users can invite friends to join the app

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