Device Independent Responsive Design

Offering a solid mobile ecommerce experience is no longer optional for retailers — it’s a must. That’s why GETMEONLINE offers device independent responsive store that works on web & mobile – both platforms. Our mobile ready store can easily maximize your sales conversion rate by providing customers with a seamless experience.

GETMEONLINE is the most reliable ecommerce platform in the industry for building a beautiful mobile store. We ensure your mobile store works on all major mobile phone platforms and enables shoppers to place order, check availability and prices, delivery information with acknowledgment and confirmation.

Fully Functional Mobile Site

Smooth Navigation & Secure Checkout

A distraction-free checkout process is the most important thing for an online shopper irrespective of what device he/she is using. GETMEONLINE offers multi-step checkout process, with clear form fields for easy detail filling up. Also our mobile store comes with extremely user friendly design and navigation is placed conveniently next to the search and cart icons.


Seamless Experience Across All Devices

GETMEONLINE mobile commerce allows shoppers to buy from you anytime, anywhere by delivering a completely mobile-optimized experience – from browsing all the way to checkout. We ensure highest mobile conversion rate with well guided handheld device shopping experience. Most importantly, shoppers are enjoying to shop online using their mobile devices.


Engage Customers On All Devices

With the proliferation of the “Mobile Millennial” generation and their increasing influence on corporate buying trends, mobile-optimized stores and engagement apps are imperative. We have created engaging, mobile-optimized experiences to empower the customers and sales staff to place orders on any device, at any time.

Location Based Promotions

With GETMEONLINE mobile Commerce, the chances for promoting your business are endless. You’ll have opportunities to improve user enrollments, up-sell and earn customer loyalty by providing location based promotions, daily deals, free shipping for regular purchases, special prices for registered customers and personalized shopping suggestions.




Sell on the go 24×7

GETMEONLINE mobile commerce enables shoppers to browse and buy on your store from any device whether it is smartphone, tablets, laptops, desktop and of course, at any time! We help you to maximize customer conversions with your store being available and easily accessible on the go – 24 x 7.


Uninterrupted Shopping Experience

We offer your customers the same shopping experience across platforms and devices. Customers can start shopping on one device and return on another simply by logging into their account. You will get everything that you need to offer a conversion-optimized mobile shopping experience to your customers.


Optimize Your Delivery Operations

Delight your customers with faster delivery times and notifications so they can track the entire order journey from your store to their doorstep. GETMEONLINE’s  easy-to-use last mile delivery mobile app helps you to streamline your order shipping & fulfillment operations and allows you to serve an unlimited number of orders all at once.


Seamless Connectivity

Manage your delivery app and web store through a single interface. GETMEONLINE mobile commerce synchronizes the seller’s delivery app with the web store so that all the orders, inventory changes, product information etc. gets automatically updated on either sides.