Comprehensive Marketing Campaigns

Firstly, with GETMEONLINE, you can stay connected with your customers and gain a competitive edge through comprehensive marketing campaigns.

Secondly, It also connects with your existing customer base through announcement of strategically devised schemes, promotions and product launches.

However, GetMEONLINE lets you customize forms, newsletters and emails by choosing the template, designing, uploading graphics, etc.

Above all, the emails sent by you are entirely customized and personalized as per your requirements.

Customized and Personalized Email Templates

Customer Segmentation

Similarly, you can segment your customers according to your preferences to send relevant emails and newsletters to your customer-groups.

Moreover, it helps you to create marketing strategies and implement them in the form of various campaigns.

E-Commerce Analytics: Marketing Analytics, Reporting Tools & Alerts

Most importantly, GETMEONLINE’s advanced analytical and reporting tools allows you to monitor results, measure success and strategize decisions effectively.

Above all, our e-marketing-analytics help you to analyze your emails-by-seeing who opened them, forwarded them and responded to them. 

Rank High and Attract New Visitors

Moreover, with our best-in-class SEO-tools, you can attract new-customers, drive more sales with increased online-traffic and rank-high on search-engines.

Therefore, GETMEONLINE provides you the pro-level benefits that normally missed out by other platforms.

Ecommerce Marketing Software: SEO Friendly CMS

Similarly, with the GETMEONLINE’s advanced, easy-to-use SEO features, your customers can easily find your web-store across all major search engines.

Likewise, our user-friendly-CMS also auto-generates your sitemap and creates rich snippets to provide relevant information to search engines and users.

Product Ratings and Reviews

Get your most popular products noticed and increase their visibility with accurate ratings and reviews that build customer-confidence.

Therefore, we have made-it-easy for you to add our-product-ratings and reviews-feature to your store, allowing-shoppers to leave a review

Built-in SEO Functions

Firstly, GETMEONLINE integrates everything you need under one umbrella.

Secondly, with our built-in SEO feature, you can easily change and customize the header, title and metatags of your web-store-pages.

Likewise, also our sitemap-submission tool automatically generates-sitemap-xml files so new products and site changes show up on the search-engines.

Sell on Facebook, Amazon & eBay Easily

GETMEONLINE gives you the opportunity to reach even more shoppers by selling-directly on major-channels like Facebook, Amazon and eBay.

Above all, most important fact is – these channels are seamlessly synced with your GETMEONLINE web-store.

Most importantly, showcase your products in front of the right customers through target ad campaigns.

Share Your Store on Social Network


Similarly, by sharing your GETMEONLINE store on leading social networks, you can drive huge traffic to your store and increase sales.

Likewise, leverage your sales and brand value by going viral with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks.