GETMEONLINE’s centralized Inventory Management System enables you to show up your entire stock quantity to each of the marketplaces and social channels. When an order is placed from a channel, the stock quantity will be automatically deducted from the other online sales channels.

You can sell on multiple channels in the online space such as your website, different marketplaces and social stores. A centralized inventory management system is built for all these channels so that when there are orders from any of these channels, the inventory is reduced automatically.

Inventory Management Software to Track Inventory in Real-Time

Transparent Inventory Stages

GETMEONLINE helps you to keep track of inventory availability at all times. With inventory stages such as actual stock, virtual stock, safety stock, and real stock, you’ll know not only what’s on hand but also what’s been ordered and is awaiting delivery.

Advanced Analytics, Reporting Tools & Alerts

Knowing the right information at the right time empowers you to take crucial business decisions for your business. GETMEONLINE  generates real time data reports, alerts, and charts that help you to formulate strategic decisions and action plans besides providing a clearer insight into the market behavior.

Add, Adjust and Move Stock

With GETMEONLINE , it’s very easy to keep track of new consignments and make adjustments to your stock. It enables you to locate all items with their real stock quantity, safety stock, lot number, rack number, and item group. You are free to create your products and variants, link them to your listings and always have a clear view of your inventory.

Track and Strategize Stock Movements

GETMEONLINE enables you to increase or decrease the stock quantity or move your items from one warehouse to another, in a few clicks. Our system calculates the stocks received via purchase orders and maintains sufficient inventory levels with notifications in case of low stocks and backorders.


Manage Stocks in Multiple Warehouses

GETMEONLINE helps you to operate multiple warehouses in different locations. our sophisticated multi-warehousing system enables you to create a new warehouse by assigning the applicable countries & sales channels and track the stock status in each warehouse in real-time.

Stock Analysis Reports

GETMEONLINE  provides in-depth analysis reports of your online stock data including stock summaries, stock adjustments and sales reports. You always stay updated and ahead of your competitors by tracking product-wise monthly sales across multiple channels.

Export & Import Product Lists

GETMEONLINE’s  Products Sheet Export & Import is a huge feature that enables you to make bulk edits to your products in a jiffy by exporting the products list in a CSV file, making your changes in the CSV file, and then importing it back into your store.

Manage Listing Across Marketplaces

GETMEONLINE’s  provides a central place from where you can manage multiple listings across marketplaces that comprises of orders, product data, inventory, customers and much more. With our central system, you can easily track the stock levels across any channel at any point of time.