Firstly, if you are a Grocery Store, HyperMarts, Consumer Durables, Home Appliances – you can definitely satisfy your customers with our top Industries solution.

Secondly, we make your customer’s life easy, and deliver a seamless, unified shopping experience by accessing your catalog on Kiosk, POS, Mobile, Tablet or Computer.

Moreover, GETMEONLINE transforms your retail business with a cloud-based omni-channel commerce platform.

Therefore, our goal is to make sure your customers have an amazing shopping experience across every touch point that makes us one of the leading retail solution providers.

Above all, you can engage with your customers on their own terms and build meaningful, profitable relationships.



Therefore, our ecommerce solution for furniture industry is well equipped and decorated with enterprise-class technology and expertise.

Moreover, we understand the complexities of furniture and designed our platform to integrate with your systems.

Kitchen & Glassware

Firstly, we provide top class kitchen ecommerce solution coupled with trusted brands, the ability to touch & feel and get fast, local delivery.

Secondly, GETMEONLINE’s omni-commerce platform allows shoppers to buy online on their own terms and a hassle free delivery.

Thirdly, we offer a very specific set of tools that can enhance customer experience, enabling them to take quick and effective decisions..


Engage Customers On All Devices

In addition, mobile-optimized stores and engagement apps are essential for today’s “Mobile Millennial” generation and its impact on corporate buying trends.

Moreover, we have created engaging, mobile-optimized experiences to empower the customers and sales staff to place orders on any device, at any time.

Location Based Promotions

Firstly, GETMEONLINE mobile Commerce, the chances for promoting your business are endless.

Secondly, you’ll have opportunities to improve user enrollments, up-sell and earn customer loyalty by providing location based promotions.

Thirdly, daily deals, free shipping for regular purchases, special prices for registered customers and personalized shopping suggestions.




Printing & Packaging

Similarly, printing and packaging industry face challenges like low margins, prompt provision of materials, and intense competition.

Likewise, GETMEONLINE manages all of your business processes in one, unified platform that seamlessly integrates sales with back-office financial.

Wholesale Distribution

Therefore, wholesale distributors can streamline operations, boost customer service, and enhance communication with GETMEONLINE’s ecommerce solution.

Above all, by integrating multichannel processes, we deliver maximum consistency, control, and value to our clients, as well as an excellent user experience.

Tea & Beverages Industry

Likewise, tea and beverage companies face many challenges, from meeting consumer demands to adjusting product lines to satisfy consumer tastes.

Most importantly, a proper commerce solution helps them to efficiently manage supply chains and stay ahead in an ever-changing environment.

Above all, GETMEONLINE has all the ingredients you need to create a thriving tea and beverage online store.



GETMEONLINE’s ecommerce Solution for manufacturing helps online manufacturers to overcome complexity and grow their business with improved sales efficiency.

Firstly, we supports complex B2B sales models, channel strategy and pricing structure inside the sophisticated and seamless B2C experience.

Secondly, our platform helps you to manage all your product data in one place, simplify the design process and reduce time to market for new products.