Hospital management software is comprehensive solution for small clinic to enterprise hospitals in India. This software helps to manage patient data, schedule appointment, doctor availability and OPD management on your fingertips.

It helps to manage all patient data and schedule appointment with doctors. It is complete automated system for reminders and notification alerts for doctors and staff of hospital.

This software keep all records of patient so no need to ask any question to patient about their past treatments and current medicine records.

At GETMEONLINE, we developed all type of customize hospital management ERP software for our clients in India and abroad. This software multiple modules in system you can select available modules as per your requirements.

This software is built to manage all type of clinic and hospital it has all the possibilities for customization of complete software. Various features of hospital management software are inbuilt with this system.

Features of Admin Panel

  • Front Office – for all OPD appointment and reception/front office related activities like enquiries, calls, visitors, postal receive/dispatch
  • OPD – Out Patient – for all OPD patient registration, visits, revisits, old OPD patients
  • IPD – In Patient – for all IPD patients admission, consultant register, diagnosis, timeline, IPD charges, payments, bill and discharged ipd patients
  • Pharmacy – for all medicine list, stock, and pharmacy bills
  • Pathology – for all pathology test details and patient test records
  • Radiology – for all radiology test details and patient test records
  • Operation Theatre – for managing patient operation activities and operation records
  • Blood Bank – for managing blood group available blood stock, donor details and blood issue details
  • TPA Management – Third Party Administrator for managing changes and records of insurance or mediclaim companies
  • Finance – for managing general income and expense
  • Ambulance – for managing ambulance vehicles and ambulance call details
  • Birth And Death Record – for managing all details of newly born babies birth and patients death
  • Human Resource – for all the information related to staff members can be manage here like staff search, profile, attendance, payroll, leaves
  • Messaging – it works like a notice board basically a messaging system for communication to patient and staff
  • Download Center – for managing downloadable documents that need to distribute staff
  • Inventory – manage all the assets of your hospital with stocks and store under inventory module
  • Front CMS – manage front website of Smart Hospital here by creating pages, menus, events, gallery, news
  • Reports – all the various reports related to different modules can be found here
  • Patient – all patient related details can be found here
  • Notifications – all automated notifications can be found here
  • Calendar & ToDo List – track and manage all daily/monthly activities and create your task in todo list
  • Setup – configure Smart Hospital here for different settings like hospital, sessions, admin password, SMS, Paypal, backup / restore, languages

Here you can setup your Hospital Details

  • Update your Hospital NameAddressPhoneEmailHospital Code (Hospital Code is your hospital registration / accreditation no), Language (language in which you want to run your Smart Hospital), Language RTL Text Mode (for Arabian side languages), TimezoneTime FormatCurrency (ISO standard 3 digit currency code), Currency Symbol and Credit Limit (used for IPD module balance amount credit limit), Doctor Restriction Mode (if Doctor Restriction Mode is disabled then all doctors can see other doctors patients in their account and if Doctor Restriction Mode is enabled then doctors can see only their assigned patients in OPD, IPD, OT and Appointment) now click on Save button to update record, Superadmin Visibility (if Superadmin Visibility is disabled then superadmin will not be visible to system for other staff users and if Superadmin Visibility is enabled then other staff users can see superadmin in system) now click on Save button to update record.
  • For updating your hospital logo click on right column Edit Logo buttons.
  • For enabling automated email/sms notification on different events go to Setup > Settings > Notification Setting page.
  • For automated SMS messaging add any one of available SMS Gateway with the required details from Setup > Settings > SMS Setting.
  • For automated Email messaging by default SendMail is selected in Smart Hospital. If your hosting server supports SendMail then your will get emails by default otherwise you have to select SMTP email engine. For SMTP you can use any free or paid smtp service like Gmail. To enter your SMTP server details go to Setup > Settings > Email Setting > SMTP.
  • To enabling online payment in Patient Panel update your payment gateway account details for this, go to Setup > Settings > Payment Methods select your appropriate payment gateway and add you payment gateway account details then click on save button and enable it from right side box.
  • At this point we have completed basic settings of our hospital. Now we will add our hospital other details in Smart Hospital like Hospital Charges, Bed, Ward, Floor, Departments, Doctors etc.
  • For adding Hospital Charges go to Setup > Hospital Charges, Here first we will add Charge Category, for this click on Add Charge Category button. Now enter Name, Description and select Charge Type like Procedures (is for general ipd charges like doctor visit), Investigations (is for pathology/radiology lab test or other investigations), Supplier (is for other things supply like oxygen charges), Operation Theatre (is for operation theatre charges) and Other (is for other miscellaneous charges).

One click to check all bed status

Here you can add patient into the system

  • To add new OPD patient click on + Add Patient button now enter Select Patient from dropdown or add +New Patient,Guardian Name, Gender, Age, Blood Group, Marital Status, Patient Photo, Phone, Email, Address, Remarks, Any Known Allergies, Height, Weight, BP, Symptoms, Note, Appointment Date, Case, Casualty, Old Patient, TPA (Third Party Administrator), Reference, Consultant Doctor, Amount, Payment Mode. After adding patient it will list on OPD Patient page now here you can click on Show button to see patient details.

Here you can make IDP bill

  • IPD – patient can see here IPD details like Consultant Register, Diagnosis, Timeline, Charges, Payment and Bill. from Payment tab patient can also make payment for their IPD bills if payment gateway has been enabled from Hospital Admin.
  • To make IPD bill payment click on + Make Payment button, here balance amount will be filled by default but you can edit payment amount, whatever you want to pay. Now click on Add button. In next page you will see payment details for confirmation then click on Make Payment button to proceed payment gateway page for payment processing.

Here you can see OPD visit

  • Generally OPD has only one time charges and doctor checkup but if you want to use OPD for adding multiple charges, multiple payments and bill like IPD (please check IPD module) then click on OPD No. of patient opd visit, now you can see more tabs available in OPD module like Charges, Payment & Bill. These extra features can be used in Speciality Medical Clinics (dental clinics) which do patient’s treatment in single visits but apply multiple charges for different treatments and give detailed bill.
  • If you want patent to be recheckup on same OPD No then you can use Recheckup feature, for this click on Recheckup button from Visit tab and enter required details for of recheckup, it is also same like OPD visit but recheckup created under same OPD No.

Here you can see medicine bill

Here you can see Pathology Details

Here you can see Radiology Details

Here you can see Operations Details

Here you can see Blood Bank Status

Here you can see Staff Directory

Here you can see Staff Profile

Here you can see Staff Attendance

Here you can see Payroll Summary

Here you can see Salary Payslip

Here you can see Media Manger

Here you can see Transaction Report

Here you can see Calendar