Why can you utilize happn clone to grow your online dating business?

Nowadays, people find it very convenient and safe to make use of online dating platforms to find and connect with their perfect partners without any hassles.

This ultimately led to the steady growth of the online dating industry. After seeing the upsurge in the growth of the online dating sector, many ambitious entrepreneurs showed a keen interest in setting their footprints in this flourishing industry.

But, only a few only of them tasted success in their ventures as people these days expect a lot from online dating platforms.

And so, only an online dating platform with astonishing features, unrivaled performance and that completely satisfies the online dating needs of people can shine in this highly competitive industry.

Stupendous features of our happn clone

Some striking inclusions of our happn clone solution to grab users’ attention on the online dating platform are listed below


With this exciting feature of our happn clone solution, the users can express their interests in any other particular profile on the online dating platform in a much better way. This option will surely snatch eyeballs on the dating platform.

Happn clone Buy and avail superlike option as needed

Happn clone Profile details will be shown to normal user

Happn clone Can be liked back and matched easily

Internal messaging channel

With this surprising feature of our happn clone solution, users can have instant and smooth chats with their matches on the online dating platform. This option will arouse interest among the users to make use of the dating platform often.

Happn clone Share images to make conversations interesting

Happn clone Block user to avoid their messages in future

Happn clone Auto spell check to replace misspelled words easily

Swipe option

This awe-inspiring feature of our happn clone solution enables the users on the dating platform to like or reject a specific profile instantly. As this option streamlines the matchmaking process, it will definitely impress a lot of users on the platform.

Happn clone Swipe right over the interested profile to like it

Happn clone Dislike a profile by swiping left over it

Happn clone Unfriend option to stay away from the annoying users

Impressive profile management/viewing option

This feature of our happn clone solution allows the users of the app to get matched with the people of the same opinions effortlessly. This option will capture the attention of millions of users on the dating platform.

Happn clone Set up an account with comprehensive profile information

Happn clone Know who viewed the profile

Happn clone Show interests to other users to find a perfect match

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