Gaana Clone

Launch An Advanced Music Streaming App Today!
Have you ever recalled an old memory upon listening to a song? Yes, right? Every one of us has a song that adds to our favorite list right from the moment we hear it. Music is something that captivates our souls and makes us feel better when we are low. In earlier times, people listened to songs on radio and TV. Days evolved, so did the music industry.

Music streaming apps like Gaana, Spotify, and more are launched in the market to feed the souls of music lovers. These apps list various kinds of music from artists across the world. People are flocking towards these music streaming platforms as they can listen to music instantly anytime and anywhere.

Join this thriving community by launching your own music streaming platform with our white-label Gaana clone app. Connect with us for more details.

The functioning of the music streaming platform we develop is quite simple. You can sign up with music labels and acquire broadcasting rights to publish the purchased music files on your music streaming platform. Upload the purchased music content on the platform for user access.

Users can sign up with the app using the email addresses, phone numbers, or social media accounts. They can subscribe to your premium account or subscription package by paying the fixed fee. They can gain access to the music content available on your platform and can stream them anytime and anywhere. They can also download them for offline access.

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