Getmeonline is baptized in the field of Courier Software Development all around India for Courier diligence.

Courier transportation software To find the best Courier Software Development Company is the most important part of an online business. Since our inception  till now we have around nine years of experience and are established as one of the leading Courier software development companies in India. Our experienced and skilled software developer with our software approach built best courier software for any size of the industry either pop up size or even larger. We are the best choice for the Courier Services who are looking for their software Development in India.

We have developed successful software for the various types of management. We are the pacemaker in this field. Our skilled and trained personnel team providing solutions for your courier industries to meet your daily requirement. Our software and the solutions for the courier service are cost-effective and efficient. Our Courier solution allows you to access and manage your online software from anywhere in the world

Our system manages the major aspects of courier business cycle which are enlisted:-

  1. Supplier management
  2. Freight Auditing
  3. Deliver scheduling
  4. Vehicle tracking
  5. Parcel booking
  6. Email & SMS
  7. Bar coding
  8. Advertising system

Multi Franchises for courier Branch Management

  •  Manage Multiple Franchises branch / Center
  •  Manage freight Rate as per Branch
  •  Manage Branch / Center Distance
  •  Manage Delivery and Pickup Center
  •  Origin , Delivery, Destination Branch, Pickup Center, Crossing Branch Management
  •  Branch / Center Login

 Menifest Management

  •  Generate Menifest sheet and AWB No Details
  •  Bulk / Mass AWB Upload By Excel
  •  Menifest Configure by Branch / Center/ Franchises Of Courier
  •  Manage Courier Bagging with Unique Box or Bag tag
  •  Parcel/ Box Forwarding Module
  •  Manage Incoming / Outgoing Load details
  •  Manage Load register
  •  Manage shipment Booking Mode (By Flight/ Air Or Cargo. Surface Shipment)
  •  Shedule and manage Co Loader
  •  Menifest Weight , price ,No of Parcel bagging Management Module
  •  Shipment and tracking report

 Account and Payment Management

  •  Generate Cashflow Report (Brach/center/Franchises)
  •  Menifest Freight Report
  •  Cashflow account Report
  •  Expense account Management
  •  Customer COD, Topay, Paid Billing Report
  •  Generate Customer / Client / Consignee/ Consignor Billing Invoice report
  •  Daily ,Monthly Cash Amount report (Brach/center/Franchises)
  •  Manage Co-loader Account
  •  Manage Customer / Client / Consignee/ Consignor Account

Online tracking AWB (Air Way Bill)

  •  Realtime AWB tracking System
  •  Automatically track your parcel location , date, time.
  •  Shipment tracking mode
  •  AWB Booking and delivery alert / notification

 Parcel/Packets Pickup Management

  •  Manage Parcel / Packets
  •  Regular and Special/call Pickup Module
  •  Pickup Route Management by Location
  •  Intercity Pickup and Drop Management
  •  Parcel Pickup Alert
  •  Generate Parcel Pickup sheet
  •  Pickup Parcel verification by Barcode AWB No

Parcel/Packets Delivery (Dispatch) Management

  •  Incoming Awb Parcel Verification
  •  DRS (Delivery run sheet) generation
  •  Generate POD (Proof of Delivery) Sheet
  •  Manage Delivery Proof and Details
  •  Delivery / Dispatch Route Management by Location
  •  Delivery Attempt Management
  •  Parcel delivery Status Management
  •  AWB No (Barcode) Acknoledgement

 Employee Management

  •  Manage Employee by branch
  •  Manage Pickup and Delivery Boy / Employee
  •  Manage Employee rights as per deisgnation
  •  Manage Expense by employee
  •  Branch / Center Employee Login

 Employee Management

  •  Manage Employee by branch
  •  Manage Pickup and Delivery Boy / Employee
  •  Manage Employee rights as per deisgnation
  •  Manage Expense by employee
  •  Branch / Center Employee Login

 Barcode System

  •  Generating a unique tracking no. (AWB NO.) for each Parcel / Packets
  •  Manage Every Barcode Print
  •  Inward / Outward Barcode Label Module
  •  Bracode Prininting Module
  •  Create Every Parcel Label Barcode