Cargo Management Software DEVELOPMENT COMPANY in india

Cargo management software enhances your operations by boosting the capability to work more and in much efficient way.

Firstly, the content in the cargo and the list of cargos sent and received, the generation of bills of lading and the search for the optimized trade route after that the execution of the transportation costs.

Secondly, the determination of the machinery used and the computerized and analyzed report of the entire cargo are essential features.

Thirdly, the track record of the quotations sent and received proof of delivery feature and step by step visualization of the process and shipment tracking are added features that are essential these days.

Moreover, the dispatch of the shipment and barcode reader and the generation of the unique id for each cargo and the database for the employees

Similarly, the warehouse management are now trending features in the cargo management software.

In addition, we at Getmeonline have a team of dedicated and skilled individuals who shall look into your demands and develop impeccable software that meets all requirements and works seamlessly.

Real Time Tracking

Easy to track online with AWB number. In other words, you can easily track shipment in reatime with current status of shipment.

Billing / Invoice Management

Getmeonline shipping software allow you to manage invoices of customers with automization for send invoices to clients.

Inbound and Outbound management

  •  Planning and scheduling of Inbound process
  •  Booking and Delivery Receipt from Agents and Franchises
  •  Cargo release management
  •  Truck queue management
  •  Priority for outbound shipment management
  •  Slot and flow control management

Manifest and logostic process

  •  Generate manifest and label as per location
  •  Planning and scheduling of forwarding and logistic process
  •  Loading and unloading logistic details
  •  Manage Forwarding Mode (By Flight and Air Or Cargo. Surface Shipment)
  •  Transporting Registers

Cargo Software Reports

  •  Total Booking and Delivery Reports
  •  Manifest Reports
  •  moving parcels and track reports
  •  Delivery Run Sheet Reports
  •  POD reports
  •  Load Handling Report
  •  Payment Report, Etc.

Cargo Operation

  •  Shipment by air, cargo, surface and ocean.
  •  Pickup and delivery Route Management.
  •  Generate Parcel booking sheet and barcoding
  •  Booking and billing format as per required
  •  Inward Barcode Label Module and verification

Logistic Reports

  •  Pickup/ Booking List daily and monthly report
  •  Menifest and forwarding parcel list as per location
  •  Dispatch material stock details
  •  In and out cashflow accounting
  •  Customer and vendor account report
  •  Inbound and outbound Load register details
  •  Manage Logistic Coloader Account details
  •  Parcel and Packets delivery Status Management
  •  Shipment and tracking report

Logistic Dispatch Management

  •  Incoming and Outbound load verification by barcoding
  •  Place incoming load into warehouse and location
  •  Parcel ready to dispatch and delivery
  •  Generate DRS (Delivery run sheet)
  •  Barcode delivery Acknowledgement
  •  Online tracking system

Cargo Forwarding

  •  Cargo forwarding Process and management
  •  AWB Barcode and scanning
  •  Flight and Surface operation mode
  •  Cargo coloader management
  •  Cargo fright rate module
  •  Internal control and monitoring of shipment