Why you need a Bigo live clone solution

Today, live streaming plays a key role in almost all business verticals such as real estate, education, healthcare, retail industry, media, and so on.

This is mainly because a full-fledged live streaming platform with impressive features will entice users and can be utilized effectively for various business activities like streaming live events, new product announcements, promoting products, and so on.

Therefore, many entrepreneurs now show a great interest in developing feature-rich live streaming platforms for their businesses.

But, users of today expect a lot from the live streaming platforms and so all live streaming sites available cannot amaze users to a greater extent. Only those live streaming platforms that fulfill all user needs will get immense popularity within a very short time span.

Engrossing features of our bigo clone

Some of the most exciting features of our bigo clone to engage users on the live streaming platform are listed below

Dark theme

This remarkable feature of our bigo clone will enrich the experience of the users while streaming live videos on the live streaming platform. Therefore, leaving a strong impression in the minds of your users will never be a tough job with this notable option of our bigo clone.

Bigo clone  Looks better than the standard view

Bigo clone  Boosts visibility in the low-light environments

Bigo clone  Lowers the significant amount of power usage

Live streaming

With this feature of our bigo clone, streamers can live stream videos conveniently without any technical errors. This feature will also impress users on the live streaming platform as it allows them to watch the desired live/broadcasted videos as per their wish.

Bigo clone  Public/private streaming

Bigo clone  Know who are all watching live videos

Bigo clone  Watch recently streamed videos/ videos of the streamers following

Advanced search option

With this feature of our bigo clone, you can grab the attention of millions of users on the live streaming platform as it will allow them to view the desired live stream videos easily and conveniently.

Bigo clone  View trending hashtags

Bigo clone  Top countries with a high number of live streams

Bigo clone  Get connected with preferred contacts using the QR code option

Internal messaging system

With this fascinating feature of our bigo live clone, users can have a quick live chat with the preferred contacts on the live streaming platform. This feature will surely impress users as it facilitates smooth communication between the users on the platform.

Bigo clone  Instant chat

Bigo clone  Share images

Bigo clone  Block user as required

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