BI & Predictive Analytics: Customer Experience Analytics

BI and Predictive Analytics help you understand your customers’ journey across channels and in aggregate and individually.

GETMEONLINE delivers what your customers want and sometimes before they know it themselves.

Sales & pricing analytics are important for taking prompt business decisions by the enterprises.

Retailers can grow sales and boost margins with GETMEONLINE’s real-time pricing and product assortment optimization.

Sales & Pricing Analytics

BI & Predictive Analytics Marketing

You will be wasting both time and money if you don’t know which 
marketing activities are working.
GETMEONLINE helps you to get the real-time insights of your online marketing and sales activities.

BI & Predictive Analysis: Stay Ahead of Your Competition

It is the first step in building a foundation for continuous experimentation on your online business as GETMEONLINE gives you all relevant stats and data at your fingertips.

Moreover, we help you understand shifts in consumer behavior and give you insights into the demands of your market. 


Optimize Pricing to Maximize Profits

GETMEONLINE’s  adjusts product pricing in real-time based on a pricing algorithm that looks like competitor pricing and product pricing trends.

Moreover, our Reprise tool helps you to analyze pricing trends in correlation with sales information to maximize revenue and profit.


Stay Properly Stocked & Reduce Overstock

GETMEONLINE’s  inventory & stock prediction reports are well enough to minimize the required and threshold inventory for a product.

In addition, this helps you allocate the funds to buy products that have a higher demand and greater profit potential.



Optimize the Supply Chain Process

GETMEONLINE helps you understand consumer demand, to effectively manage the overall supply chain process.

Moreover, you can focus on your key products and uncover key trends and identify opportunities for improving lifecycle outcomes.


Improve Customer Engagement

Firstly, Customer engagement is important for your online merchandising strategy.

Secondly, our customer analytic reports give you a clear picture to track and understand the customer behavior.

Thirdly, in order to develop a successful strategy for generating the desired engagement from the customer.


BI & Predictive Analytics Search

If your online store search is intelligent enough to predict what your customers are looking for and  it will definitely spur sales.

GETMEONLINE’s predictive search helps you determine that by analyzing past click-through behavior, preferences, and history in real-time.


End-to-End Promotion Management

It’s really difficult to determine the right product promotion that will help you close a sale.

GETMEONLINE makes this challenge easier by using machine learning to understand a consumer’s behavior, including the purchase history.