Why can you utilize 9flats clone for online rental business?

With the increase in the number of people utilizing online rental platforms for renting out their products and spaces and for booking their required rental spaces at ease, there is an upsurge in the growth of the online rental industry these years.

After seeing this great demand for online rental platforms, many enthusiastic entrepreneurs like you show keen interest in plunging into this thriving sector.

But, only a few of them are able to come off with flying colors in their ventures as people these days get attracted only to the online rental platform with unsurpassable performance and that includes innovative features and trendiest technologies.

Therefore, it is very much clear that just a normal online rental platform without any unique inclusions cannot impress global users in the long run.

Amazing features of our 9flats clone

Some astounding features of our 9flats clone solution to impress users on the online rental platform are listed below

Advanced filter option

This feature of our clone solution allows the users on the rental platform to search their required rental spaces and products without any trouble. As this option facilitates the searching process, it will definitely amaze users in the long run.

9flats clone  Location-based search for rental spaces

9flats clone  The convenient Map search option

9flats clone  Filter by rental product type, price, etc

Payments and Policies

Our 9flats clone solution includes Stripe payment gateway to ease the payment process of the users on the online rental platform. Also, Admin can set cancellation policies and can view payment history on the site.

9flats clone  Stripe payment gateway to make the payment process easier

9flats clone  Cancellation policies based on certain terms

9flats clone  Admin views complete transaction history on the platform

User Verification and Wishlist

Our 9flats clone solution includes strict user verification steps to eliminate any kind of illegal activity on the online rental platform. Our 9flats clone also allows the users on the platform to add the most liked rental spaces to their wishlists.

9flats clone  Add the liked rental spaces to the wishlist

9flats clone  Needed actions can be taken later on the saved items

9flats clone  User verification through email and phone number

Social login and instant notifications

Our 9flats clone solution allows users to log into the online rental platform easily with their social media accounts. Also, users on the platform will be notified of the important happenings then and there and so users will not miss any activity.

9flats clone  Log in to the platform through social media accounts

9flats clone  Invite friends to join the app

9flats clone  Quick notifications regarding safety measures, booking confirmations, etc

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